Hi, Im in the process of setting up my new online store. I will be adding new products to this blogshop. So please click here to view available items. All items are handmade with reasonable price..

Please email cottonandlace@gmail.com for any inquiries.

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Oh, and if you're interested, this is inspiration behind this piece, and want to find some idea for home deco, click here:
Inspired For Living.

Inspired For Living

Home Deco Inspirations:

I'm kept obsessing over beautiful decoration home and good photography. It is such and inspiration for me for new craft project for my shop :)
And these are my inspiration photos (and I'm really sorry . . . I just got these photos off the internet and don't know who to credit them to. need to be better at that.)
Art In Frame for nursery room:
Dear Lillie 

My pink life 

I wonder if I'll ever figure out why I love windowseats so much.
They just look so inviting!
and of course I'm focus to the pillows..they are just cozy!